New Year… Same as last??

New Year, New Career? New Plan?

Isn’t it funny that people often wait until the beginning of a whole year to decide to make a change?

What will your 2012 look like? Will it be pretty much the same as your 2011 if you don’t change anything? If you do the same things you have always done you should not expect the results to be any different.

So how do we make 2012 great?

First step is to DECIDE to MAKE it different!

Then decide what is is that you actually want or want to achieve. WRITE IT DOWN! Committing it to paper is essential. BE SPECIFIC – what Napoleon Hill calls a CCMP or Clear Concise Mental Picture. He says that “the first step from poverty to riches is the most difficult”. It’s a CCMP, so if we can just master this step, the step of knowing what it is we actually want, the other steps are easier.

So how do you find out what you want? What are you passionate about, what do you dream about, what excites you? Whether its a new car, a home or a promotion, you need to be specific about it. YOU MUST BECOME AN EXPERT IN THE THING YOU DESIRE! We are blessed to have an incredible tool called the internet which takes away our excuses of not knowing everything about our goals.

How do you get your CCMP? You need a strategy! You have to have a system and/or a method to achieve it. You need to find out what it will take to achieve, how much time and effort, extra work, money, and of course when you want to achieve it by.

Once you know what it will take you must DECIDE if you are willing to pay the price, commit the time and effort, whatever it may be. If the cost is too high then you need to change your goals or your time frames.

Having done all that, without ACTION it’s just a very nice theoretical plan. You need to put action to your plan or it will never becoming a reality.

How do I keep motivated to action? This is where writing your goals down comes in again. Read your goals at least twice a day, ideally once when you wake up and once before you go to sleep. Keep them in the forefront of your mind, dream about them, share them with like minded people, imagine what things will be like when you achieve them. This will keep you fired up. It’s called stoking your burning desire, just like one might do with a fire.

It amazes me sometimes when people tell me that they have a big goal or dream they want to achieve but they have no real details about it, they don’t know the cost, they don’t have a strategy and they are not willing to take the first steps to achieve it, they just like imagining what it will be like when they do achieve it.
In my opinion YOUR ACTIVITY IS A DIRECT REFLECTION OF YOUR DESIRE? What desire does your daily activity suggest? If I were to look at your daily activity, examine the evidence of your desire, would you be found guilty? Or would there not be enough evidence of activity to convict of you of your desires?

MAKE 2012 your best year ever, it’s up to you!!

Steve Owbridge




FOCUS – Forget Obstacles Concentrate on Unbelieveable Success

Sometimes we forget that we are on a journey, whilst we live in a instant “microwave” culture where we want everything yesterday we sometimes forget that when you sow a seed it takes time for a harvest to grow. So what do we do in the meantime?

Firstly we rarely know quite how long or how short a time it will take for our harvest to be ready so all we can do is keep on sowing and keep focused on our goals.

So many of us make the mistake of sowing a seed and sitting back and watching to see what happens then we get discouraged when the seed doesn’t grow as quick as we want. We keep looking down and hoping to see the harvest come up. While looking down we are not focussed on our goals. We cannot control when the harvest comes only the amount of seed that we sow. We must just keep sowing. the more seeds we sow the bigger the harvest will be.

Times get tough for all of us. Everyone has challenges, from childcare issues, family problems and even abuse in some cases but it’s up to us to ‘choose’ how we move forward. Do we use our challenges as an excuse for failure or a reason for success? It’s up to you!

Forget obstacles, look beyond the issues and challenges and keep your eye on the prize, look at the pictures of your goals and dream about them daily and build the burning desire inside you so that no matter what obstacles come you keep focussed on your “why”!

Remember it’s your daily disciplines, your daily actions that determine your successes. You must link your activity to your goals.

Someone said that “the proof of desire is pursuit”, I agree but put it another way “your activity directly reflects your desire”. it’s funny how people often say that they want something but what they mean is they want it if it’s easy. Anything that is easy is not worth having, is it? Isn’t it the journey to success that is part of the reward?

It’s up to you to decide your future, it’s up to you to Focus on your goals and decide to make them into a reality no matter what the obstacles. As Art Williams says “Do it!”.