Goal Setting – Get a CCMP!

FACT: 95% of the people are dead broke at age 65 and only

FACT: 5% are financially independent.

FACT: 95% of people do not have their goals and dreams written down with pictures up of what they want!

FACT: 5% do have their goals and dreams in writing.


Hmm……could there be a correlation here?!


It really is important that each day you stay focused on your goals.

Do you have them written down?

Do you have pictures of them in a prominent place?

Do you know exactly what you have to do in terms of activity every week, month and year to reach your goal?


What is your 4 month goal?  (Please no Lamborghini’s for this 4 month period!)

Let’s have realistic goals and then link that goal with your daily activity.  When you know this goal (Clear Concise Mental Picture) nothing can stop you!


When you find the “want to” you will find the “How To”.  When you get the “FIRE IN YOUR BELLY” nothing will stop you.


*My Personal Story*


My first year goal was getting out of debt.  I cut up my credit cards, melted them onto some tin foil in the oven and framed it!


I wrote down the debt freedom date.  I joined A.L. Williams in May 1981 and wrote down to be debt free by December 31st 1981 – 7 Months to payoff 3 credit card bills and 2 cars. The total was $14,000.  This meant I had to get 2 clients (in a 5* market) per week at Team Leader level.  This equated to 4 appointments per week, 3 Scoops, 2 clients and 1 or 2 recruits.


Did I hit this every week?  No, but I did it 95% of the time!


We had a schedule up on the wall (like a thermometer) to pay off this horrible, burdensome debt of $14,000 over 7 months.  My first two months I made nothing but, we read our goal every day when we woke up and before we went to bed at night.


It became a Clear Concise Mental Picture (CCMP), it became a BURNING DESIRE.  I ardently wanted to be debt free.


We (yes, it was a joint goal) were determined to dig our way out and helping others with their financial problems  and educating them financially, while we made money, seemed to make sense!


How could we go wrong?  All it would take was the required discipline to go call people and follow the 3rd Party Referral System.  I realised my daily discipline determined my future.  All it would take was doing the ncomfortable things in our business (getting on the phone, going to their home, etc…) to get the comfortable things in life.


How bad do you want your goal between now and year end?  Before you know it the Olympics will be over and Christmas 2012 has gone by.


Do you have your goals written down?

Do you have pictures up of them?

Do you have a daily plan to get there?

How will you feel when you accomplish your goal?

How much better will you feel and your bank account look?


If it is to be, it’s up to me.  You can do it with a CCMP!


Author – Jeff Lestz

Why 2012 Will be a Make or Break Year for Everybody

1) The Economy

It’s a fact that we have the highest unemployment figures in British history, so, more people are looking for something new and different than ever before.  We have a window of opportunity: until the struggling employment market straightens itself out (if it ever does!) the UK workforce, for a period of time, will have to seriously consider self-employment as a viable alternative.

The price of everything is still rising and inflation is the highest it has been for a decade.  As a result, everybody needs a second income, whether they realise it or not!

2) The Opportunity is now – The Company is Genistar

Those of us who work hard NOW and focus on recruitment and building a super hierarchy will be in the front pages of the Heros Book in years to come, earing six and seven figure annual incomes, or who knows, even monthly?!

This is all possible at Genistar – by helping other families you can help yourself!

3) Families need what we have

Families right now are getting ripped off!  As I sit here writing this I have received an email detailing how our clients have just been offered over £180,000 in compensation in the last week from the banks because of claims that we put through for mis-sold PPI.  There are more families out there that need this kind of help!

4) The leadership

Jeff Lestz and Bob Safford have put their whole being into Genistar, combining over 60 years of experience and an incredible work ethic, at a time in their lives when they really don’t need to.  Why? you may well ask.  They are doing it because they believe in the Genistar mission – to help families become debt free and financially independent, and they can see that the opportunity is NOW.

5) Our Community

Great Britiain became the world’s leading industrial  nation in the 19th century, America did so in the 20th century.  Add to this the 100 plus different cultures and nationalities that we have in Genistar there is a new collective, a new nation – the Gensitar nation of people, who will lead the Western world into a new era of entrepreneurialism and financial abundance.

Jeff, Bob and the Genistar community are giving it everything that they have got to put the GREAT back into BRITAIN .  CAN YOU?  If so, HELP US 2012?!


Author – Steve Jenkins

Christmas Pudding and the New Year

As the holidays approach I am always amazed at how people go head over heels into debt for this holiday.  Some people still have not paid off last Christmas!
You can have a great Christmas without over spending.  Trust me, in 5-10 years most of the stuff you bought for Christmas 2011 will be junk and long forgotten.
Think long term when it comes to your money and it will bring a new stability to your personal world of finances.  Why not give yourself a New Years resolution to ‘cut the fat’ out of your budget and make the commitment that 12 months from now you will be better off than you are this Christmas.
I cannot guarantee that this exercise of cost cutting and getting a financial education will make you a millionaire but I can tell you it will make you richer!  Be sensible this Christmas and have some fun, but, begin to take control of your finances and watch your net worth and peace of mind increase in the New Year.
30 years ago I had just paid off all of my credit cards and car loans.  The peace of mind that debt freedom gives you is so good!
Why not make a new years commitment to get educated about money and get on the road to debt freedom and financial Independence?
My mind drifts back sometimes to those early years in business and life when I was swayed by most opinions.
One of my mentors in business taught me a valuable lesson in life when it comes to opinions.
‘Birds eat worms and do not like strawberry ice cream’

It is easy to allow different opinions sway you and you have to choose who to allow to speak into your life.  No matter what you do or don’t do someone will always be there to criticise you.  This difference in the thought process of human beings and looking at things from a different perspective is what makes the world go around.  I may not agree with someones opinion about a subject but I try to see things from their perspective.

One of the dangers of the Internet is anyone can post anything and people just about believe anything! Get all the facts before you make a decision.

Birds like worms and I do not!  I like strawberry ice cream.  The very nature of a bird is that they like worms and as gross as eating a worm sounds to me it is a delicacy for the bird!

Not long a go I did a seminar with 500+ people in attendance and we had 5 different guest speakers.  I was the MC and some guy in the crowd starts shouting and heckling the speakers.  Did it make 499 people wrong and him right?  No, not at all.  He just likes worms and there is nothing I could do to convince him how good strawberry ice cream is.

So, will some people be influenced by this guy?  I am afraid so.  Not many but some will.  Why?  Because like me in my early days I did not know how to balance different opinions.  In those early years I was swayed by differing opinions until I understood that you judge a tree by the fruit it bears.

One-fifth of the people are against everything all the time.
Robert F. Kennedy

Facts we feel good about

Since we started Genistar we have put almost £1 billion of life and critical illness cover in force on people to protect themselves against a premature death or critical illness.
We have helped hundreds of people figure out how to get out of the maze of debt.
Since 2007 we have had  30,000+ people attend our financial seminars and begin to think about their financial futures.
In the 3rd quarter of 2011 we have saved consumers £120,000 in building and contents insurance premiums that would have gone to insurance companies but instead remain in the consumers pockets.
In the 3rd quarter of 2011 we have gotten back £500,000+ in PPI claims for families.  Many of them are now paying off all of their debt and starting to save money for their futures.
1,000s of intelligent people have joined Genistar in our mission to ‘help families become debt free and financially independent’.
You decide – Is this a good social cause?
We have a great business opportunity with many people earning £100s or £1,000s on a part time basis and some full time.  The exciting thing is if you are open minded and come take a look you will be able to make up your own mind.
I guess you could say a lot of people like strawberry ice cream and do like what we do.

Ultimately in life you have to walk with your head high and a clear conscience that you have done everything humanly possible to make the the world a better place and yet in the end someone will not like what you do!

So,  you have to decide for yourself who to follow or be influenced by.  I would encourage you to look at how much fruit a person bears in their lives.  This is normally a pretty good indication of their character and success.  Be careful who you allow to speak into your life.

You have to decide for yourself, care to join me in a bowl of strawberry ice cream?

Genistar Recruiting Video

Check out this great recruiting video put together by Jan O:

Genistar Recruiting Video

What do you want out of life?

Who is Genistar?

Who is Genistar? and why are these people listening so intently?

Genistar is a Financial Education and Financial Services Company . We are dedicated to helping families become debt free & financially independent .We believe that anyone can understand the key principles of finances and success principles if they just have the desire to learn it.