The Rules of Money

There are lots of rules we learnt as kids. Don’t touch the hot stove,wash your hands before dinner, brush your teeth and lots of others but were you ever taught the rule of 72?

I learnt this amazing rule at age 24 and after applying it for several years the compounding interest on my investments made the rule of 72 come alive!  This is part of what Genistar teaches families who want to be come debt free and financially independent.

It can make & save you money. more

Getting a Mentor

In 1981 I met Art Williams and he was one of my coaches.It changed my life.

At Genistar we believe in coaching and mentoring people.

Please listen to one of my mentors,  Art Williams. At Genistar we have the foundation in place from many years of being coached by this wonderful man. more

Protecting your family

An Observation based on Three Decades of Life Experience

Protecting your family members from destitution until their young are old enough, educated enough, and strong enough to earn a living in their own right, is one of the most valuable, selfless acts that any parents can do. more

Do you have your FIN Number?

In the USA every person who works gets a Social Security number.In the UK we get a National Insurance number (oftentimes referred to as a NI number) but, do you have your FIN number?

There are less than 5% of the population who have their FIN number and that is sad.
No, don’t tell me you don’t have yours! Please read on and I can show you how to apply for it with the proper forms and documents and actually get some help obtaining it. more

Increase in Suicide linked to Financial Problems

Finance is such an integral part of our lives and yet we receive little to no education on ‘How Money Works’
It is no small wonder that when we are ignorant (lack of knowledge) in any specific area that we fail to grasp the facts.

When people have financial problems it is so easy to become frustrated,upset and depressed over money.Here is an article on how the financial crunch has led to an increase in suicide. > more
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