Whenever people ask me what I did before I came to Genistar and I say I was an accountant they always say ‘wow so you knew a lot about finances before, you must have known all about this’ and my answer is always a resounding ‘NO’!

How far from the truth could this be?  Even having worked in the bank before, it never gave me the tools to  do what I currently do i.e.: giving families a financial education.  In fact I was a broke accountant (qualified as well), struggling so badly I had to take on a second job to cover my bills, as I was told if you can’t buy a property in a good state of repair, buy a run down one  (on an interest only mortgage) then some nice sub-prime lender will loan you the money (at an exorbitant interest rate) to do it up.

As a  matter of fact I can remember the guys doing the mortgage telling me interest only was the way to go as most people always move on to other properties and, with property always appreciating I could always remortgage and get a new deal.

So much for being a smart  brainy accountant!!  I needed to get a financial education.  The lessons I’ve learnt at Genistar are invaluable.  No one told me about the ‘Rule of 72’ before Genistar, no one educated me that getting 3% on my savings was no good when inflation is over 4%.

There are myths that needs to be done away with as I know that even people with less than High School education can get PHD (Proper Honest Direction) in finances.  Genistar will provide this and help families to become financially educated, which is what we need – I was an accountant and I needed it!


- Barbara Anderson


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